Product Certification for the Aquaculture industry

Certification of fish farms leads to a safe, sustainable and a safer environment.

Our services

Product certification

We have more than 10 years' experience of certifying all types of main components, such as net pens, floating collars, feed barges and construction parts for mooring, in accordance with the NS 9415 standard. We have comprehensive and practical knowledge of the standard's theoretical requirements.

Construction parts for mooring

Construction parts that may affect the risk of fish escaping, such as chains, ropes, shackles, anchors, coupling elements and coupling rings, must all be product certified in accordance with NS 9415. We give manufacturers and suppliers the certainty that their construction parts for mooring are always in accordance with the fish-farming regulations.

Service stations for net pens

We have certified service stations for net pens since 2006 and such certification became mandatory in 2013 through section 32 of the NYTEK Regulations.  Our long experience of this type of certification as a voluntary scheme has led to us taking a sensible and practical approach to certification together with our customers. We certify large service areas and individuals with mobile stations.

Why partner with us?

Since 2004, we have had the pleasure of certifying main components and extra equipment in all the categories stated in the NYTEK Regulations. We have provided services to the aquaculture industry since 1988 and this long experience has given us wide knowledge of the fish-farming industry. We can see how the rules and standards are connected so that you receive a chain of NYTEK Regulations' services that are cohesive, beneficial and meaningful.