Aquaculture Inspection services

We provide site surveys and certification, mooring analysis as well as main component certification.

Our services

Site survey

The site survey is the work that leads up to the determination of dimensioning values for wave heights, current conditions and other relevant environmental forces at a site. The results of the survey are gathered in a site report which is used as the starting point for further work to ensure compliance with the NYTEK Regulations. It defines frameworks for the use and dimensioning of technical equipment. The report also provides useful and relevant information on environmental factors so that fish farmers can adapt their quality system's procedures and routines and have the necessary risk analyses conducted.

Mooring analysis

A mooring analysis is intended to determine the dimensioning loads in a site's mooring system. A number of small and large factors influence the dimensioning loads, including environmental forces, mooring components, main components and the location.

The mooring analysis is the mainstay of the initial work carried out at a site. A mooring analysis is intended to add value and be beneficial to you as a customer, and our goal is the optimal design of your mooring system. We want you as a fish farmer to feel confident that your fish-farming facilities are dimensioned for the prevailing conditions at given sites and that your assets are safeguarded in the best possible way.

Site certificate

A site certificate is an assurance that your fish-farming facility meets all of NS 9415's technical requirements. The issuance of a site certificate means that you as a fish farmer can feel confident that your fish-farming sites have equipment components that make them safe and that the equipment is correctly connected and in the right position at your facility.

Since the requirement of a site certificate was introduced in 2012, DNV has issued several hundred site certificates for fish-farming sites along the entire coast of Norway.

Main component certificate

If you want floating collars and feed barges to be treated properly in their old age, you should consider a main component certificate. Section 15 of the NYTEK Regulations allows floating collars and feed barges that were delivered before 2004 and are still in a suitable condition for fish farming to continue to be used for periods of three years at a time.

Why work with us?

Since 2004, we have had the pleasure of certifying main components and extra equipment in all the categories stated in the NYTEK Regulations. We have provided services to the aquaculture industry since 1988 and this long experience has given us wide knowledge of the fish-farming industry. We can see how the rules and standards are connected so that you receive a chain of NYTEK Regulations' services that are cohesive, beneficial and meaningful.