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As food finds new ways to reach consumers and supply chains evolve, there’s a need to build trust in every bite.

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Businesses and their supply chains are experiencing heightened pressure due to certain disruptions. How do they ensure supply chain compliance?

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Information and cyber-security – a food industry threat?

  • Food and beverage

Consumer circular transition: Transparency and trust in communication of circularity

Is what consumers are demanding even more

  • Food and beverage

Circular economy: adoption, barriers and benefits of circular economy models

  • Food and beverage

Are consumer ready to go circular and truly change cunsumption patterns?

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Food safety: What matters to consumers when buying food & beverage products?

Food safety is clearly the primary concern for consumers, and they tend to trust brands to provide it.

  • Food and beverage

Food safety: What’s next to assure its future?

Only 1 in 10 companies are currently using new technology to ensure food safety.

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